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Nature Scratchboard Art

The elements of nature enhance the synergies of life. They provide a feeling of comfort expressing that we are not alone when we tune into it. A vibration of beautiful existence in raw form.

A scuba diver personally witnesses the amazement of the oceanic wonder in the depths of the seas. A sensation one cannot fathom through an image unless experienced physically. The neutral buoyancy amongst its energetic surroundings creates an ultimate escape from the every day stresses happening on dry land. Can you image that feeling? We can imagine ourselves swimming along side these magnificent creatures and art can bring forth that sense of ambiance.

"Night Light”

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Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.
— Frank Lloyd Wright


"The Wave”

Nature is part of life's journey that consistently reminds us to be present.

Whether it is a hiker encountering the magical force of a waterfall giving off a mist of kisses or a passerby observing an iris blooming like a stranger giving you a smile; it is nature's way of communicating. And it is up to us to revel in those precious moments when they occur.

"Life's Rocky Flow”

"God's Glad”

“Nature does nothing uselessly.”
— Aristotle

"Mr. Peepers”

"God's Grace Lily”

“The Ranch Hand”

“Dar's Iris”

“Birds of Paradise”

“Karen's Calla”

“Jane's Camellia”

“Barb's Daisies”

“Janey's Rose”

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“Weeping Snow”