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“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.”
— Jim Rohn

“God's Glad” The Iris Flower

Kathleen Joelle McCarthy was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in La Mesa, California outside of San Diego. She has a Masters in Counseling Psychology and some art skill training but mostly self-taught. 

In 2006, Kathleen Joelle attended a Scratchboard workshop to develop her love of art . Since she had been a hairdresser most of her life to support her through schooling, the medium was a perfect fit because it mirrored the haircutting process.  She became a natural.

Throughout the various subjects, she found wildlife (and animals in general) to be a wonderful complement to this art medium. When Kathleen Joelle began experimenting with pet portraits her passion flourished.  With more than 70 commissions later, she still gets thrilled bringing out the soul of the animal. 

“Animals are universally appreciated for their human characteristics---love, excitement, companionship, humor, personality and uniqueness.”

Her motivation as an Artist is to freeze frame a moment in creation for us to ponder the depth of our encounter.  Whether it is a blossoming flower or a horse’s docile glance, every scratch contributes to a soul transforming experience.

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awards & Associations

  • 2018: San Diego County Fair

    • Special Award for "Beauty in the Beast”

    • Honorable Mention for "Beauty in the Beast”

    • Spanish Village Donated Award for "Beauty in the Beast”

    • People's Choice Award for "Beauty in the Beast”

  • 2017: Wildlife in Art Show

    • Special Award for "Beauty in the Beast”

    • Special Donated Award for "Resting Rascal”

  • 2016: Wildlife in Art Show

    • Special Award for "Sir Mesmer”

    • 1st Place for "Silverback Gaze”

San Diego Museum of Art
2011 - 2014: Board of Directors
2010: Artists Guild Acceptance

  • 2009: San Diego County Fair

    • People's Choice Award for "Higgins”

  • 2008: Art Association of Idyllwild

    • 2nd Place for "Into the Depths”

  • 2008: Foothills Miniature Show

    • 2nd Place for "Charlie”

  • 2008: Foothills Wildlife in Art Show

    • Special Donated Award for "Power on the Plains”

  • 2007: Art Association of Idyllwild

    • 1st Place for "Weeping Snow”

  • 2007: San Diego County Fair Exhibit

    • Honorable Mention for "Flaming Flamingo”